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merchant services

Thanks for the reminder, readers would be happy to hear such.

Catherine G

I think it's called Oyster card because of the saying "the world is your oyster" - ie, with an Oyster travel card - you can travel across London. Just an idea.


Isn't an Oyster 18th/19th Century slang for the female genitalia?


According to, Nicole Carrol, then of EDS, said the name reflects the way "the oyster protects a pearl in much the same way that the card protects the cardholder's money." [1]



Good to have you back.


The little RFID chip inside is the 'Pearl' of the oyster.


An oyster card indeed. Here in Manchester such a preposterous idea would certainly be dismissed as 'bobbins'.

Could Mayor Ken Livingstone be at the bottom of this? I recall he has some fascination with newts- maybe he really wanted to call it a 'newt card' but was overruled by those clever people in marketing on account of oysters being innately more loveable, and in some way more suggestive of public transport.

And whatever happened to the Goldfish Card? I seem to remember it was all the rage in the late 90s, for about ten minutes.

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